Email Blast Design

email blast design

This email design was developed for a local specialty store catering to the running community. The client supplied product photos, the headline text, date of sale, and the percentage of the discount. I created the visual concept and the supporting text. The design featured hot interactive spots taking viewers to their respective products on client’s web site.

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Postcard/Web Design

pharMethod postcard

When companies need a postcard, email, web, or brochure design, they want to develop layouts that require minimal changes in order to transform them to a different format. The postcard above was a part of such a multifaceted marketing campaign that included web, print, and email design with active zones taking viewers to individual services described on client’s web site..

Book Design

book spread

The book page layout design (sample above developed for The McGraw-Hill Companies) may use many master pages that have to be applied consistently throughout the book. Keeping consistent copy outline is another important task for a graphic designer when developing a book page layout design. Setting style sheets while considering all languages that would be used in the layout is a must. It is almost a science to maintain multilingual texts with anchored figures in the same layout.

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Cover Design

light rail cover

The sample shows a cover design for a light rail statement of qualifications. Construction management firms, construction, architectural, and engineering companies need a cover design when submitting their technical proposals. The design reflects the request for proposal (RFP) requirements and the character of the project. The project-related photos were supplied by the client, URS, and selected from the company photo archive. The cover design is just one part of of the project. Companies need a graphic designer who has a broad range of skills and will develop design of collateral materials including project sheets, proposal layout, organizational charts, matrices of services, burn CDs or DVDs, print their labels, PowerPoint presentations and boards for public hearings or viewing. Teamwork and following through is a critical aspect of collaboration on such projects, as the parties involved in the project may live in different parts of the country.

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Photo Adjustments

photo adjustments

Companies need their logo and stationery, and they need to maintain their photos, promotions, and advertisements in archives. Apple’s Aperture and Adobe’s Lightroom are established as two major players in the image archiving field, and Photoshop has been an image manipulation application of choice for many years. Practically, any photo will benefit from some adjustments before it can be used for either print or digital display, be it color correction, sharpening, straightening the perspective, blurring or hiding unwanted elements, etc. The sample above shows how the lens correction filter and various color adjustments were applied to a photo of Millennium Park in Chicago, IL.

Seamless Patterns

To come soon.